There is nothing sexier than a sun kissed girl in white jeans and a chambray shirt in the summer.  That was the inspiration behind Veronica Beard White Denim.  Throw a blazer on with the Skinny Flares and you are a preppy boho dream girl.  Wear the Cropped Denim back to a black t-shirt and you’re Jackie O in Greece. White denim is the perfect summer alternative to our Winter jeans (which are desperate for a rest!)


Check out our three new White Denim styles and pick your perfect pair! Happy Shopping!

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We love Spring cleaning here at VB. And what better way to breathe some fresh life into you wardrobe than to update your fav Veronica Beard Dickey Jacket? We asked the Veronicas which Dickeys they’ve been going back to over and over again this season— check out their picks below:

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VMB’s Picks
 1. I love this Bonded Lace waterproof Hoodie Dickey.  It is nude with white lace and pops any navy or white jacket.  Your hair will be saved if it starts drizzling!
2. The Olive Funnel Dickey is another fav. The ripstop with zip front frames your face. Wear with the White  Side-Zip Dickey Jacket, bright pink lipstick, our Indigo Skinny Flares and wedges.


VSB’s Picks
3. I wear the Camo Dickey in the Scuba Jacket and it’s perfect to look pulled together with my leggings on my way to SLT or the gym.
4. My favorite combo is a blazer with denim, so the Denim Dickey is absolutely a fav!  This is a great spring option- Looks HOT with a t-shirt and the White Skinny Flares.


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From Top:

Erin & Sara Foster (wearing the best-selling Scuba Jumpsuit)    /     One of our favorite Spring coverups— The Tiger Jacket     /     All-Star Girl Group: Molly Sims, Rachel Zoe, Michelle Hakakha (wearing the Lace Organza Crop Top & Pencil Skirt), Vanessa Lachey & Kerry Washington    /     Kyle Richards & Lisa Vanderpump (both wearing the Navy Classic Jacket w/ Ivory Upstate Dickey)    /     Our brand new Eyelash Lace Dress

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VMB’s Picks:

1. I love the Spring ’15 Navy Funnel-Neck Peplum Jacket w/ Mod Dickey.  It’s a cropped jacket— perfect for Spring in a compact cotton.  It’s incredibly slimming as it accentuates the waist and makes your hips look so tiny!  I love wearing it over the Coral Pintuck Blouse, you can see the shirttail peering below the back of the peplum!  Wear with the white Denim Legging for an extremely comfortable nautical look.

2. My favorite core Jacket is the Black Scuba Jacket w/ Camo Hoodie Dickey.  This jacket travels so well because it doesn’t wrinkle and it is made for all weather.  I love it with the scuba leggings as a suit or with any of our indigo Denim.

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VSB’s Picks:

3. The Collarless Jacket with Blazer Dickey is going to be my go-to jacket for Spring. It looks so chic with a black Pencil Skirt, cool with jeans and a tee and easy thrown over our Palm Garden Double Layer Dress.

4. There is nothing more American than a blazer and denim. I love the Classic Jacket with Denim Dickey combo because it looks classic and cool and the denim give just the right amount of boho. This is a definite uniform look for me.


We had such a blast in LA this week and were thrilled to attend the launch of our Build Your Own Dickey Jacket
Shop at Neiman Marcus Beverly Hills. Some of our favorite Cali girls came out to celebrate with us
and shop their favorite Veronica Beard looks.


We capped off the trip with an intimate dinner at the incredible Petit Ermitage in West Hollywood.
Check out some snaps from the night and click your favs to shop some of these Spring looks!
Special thanks to our L.A. hosts, Marlien Rentmeester, Claiborne Swanson Frank, Minnie Mortimer,
Kate Stirling, Rochelle Gores Fredston, and Jessica de Ruiter for making this such an incredible trip!

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Thanks to Carolina Herrera & Mallory Schlau for this great feature in Harper’s Bazaar’s March print issue!
Can you spot the Classic Jacket w/ Ivory Upstate? Pick it up on newsstands and shop the Jacket here!


As women who appreciate what it takes to make it all happen, we decided to partner with Mary’s Meals to highlight the efforts of a dear friend, Ana Laffont. This incredible organization provides a daily meal for children worldwide every school day.

Use code MARYSMEALS at checkout and we’ll donate 15% of your order value to Mary’s Meals through Friday, March 6.



In learning more about the women who volunteer for Mary’s Meals, we realized that Moms all over the world really want the same thing.  Take a look at this Q&A  that we put together which helps us understand how these women make it happen.

 1. What Inspires You (to do it all)?

Ana: Art, artists, generosity, true humbleness.

Ester: I admire people who start small scale businesses. It’s a dream of mine to have my own store.

VMB: It’s the ultimate competition with yourself to keep all of these balls in the air. 

VSB: My family.

2. Describe Motherhood In Three Words…

AnaLove, Love, Love (Did i mention Love?)

Ester: Love, Guidance And Care.

VMB: Love, Give, Worry

VSB: Miraculous, Emotional, Exhausting

3. Describe Your Typical Morning…

Ana: The news, quickly getting ready, quick kid drop-off, lots of caffeine, practicing my Italian on Duolingo

Ester: The first thing i do each day is to get my children ready for school.  A few days a week i work at their school preparing their daily meal – a fortified porridge that is provided by Mary’s Meals. On these days we all go to school together. On my days off I work in my garden.

VMB: It’s calm until we get into the car. We pack backpacks the night before. Uniforms are so helpful and the kids dress themselves. we don’t leave unless teeth are brushed! The car ride is a great time to talk, but if they fight, it can be loud and extremely distracting!  Having lots of sibs has helped them learn the art of negotiation!

VSB: Jump out of bed and run to the shower, run to get the kids ready, run to school and run to the office!

4. Proudest Moment?

Ana: Birth of my 6 kids (and their corresponding epidural rushes)

Ester: My daughter bought groceries for all of us on her own one day.

VMB:  Every day when I see my kids doing something productive.

VSB: My wedding day and the births of my three boys.

5. What’s The Best Advice You’ve Received?

Ana: To swap the feeling of stress for the feeling of gratitude. To learn English. That most problems aren’t really so, until we see them that way. In a school in Zambia, written on the wall: “The challenges we face today are there to make us realize our hidden potential”.

Ester: The best advice i have ever been given is to show as much to love each other as you do your own family.

VMB: Be an individual.  My mom drummed it into our heads and I’m trying to instill the same in my kids.

VSB: Slow down.

6. If You Had A Day To Yourself You Would…

Ana: Spend it with someone who needed me. (Probably nobody, but just checking!) Hopefully it would involve Real Madrid Soccer Club needing me on their stands, too.

Ester: I would have a long bath before preparing a good supper for my family. I would also have a long sleep!

VMB: Ride horses and prepare a huge family dinner.

VSB: Read magazines in bed and walk all over NYC.

7. What Is Your Secret Weapon…

Ana: My cooking. Weapons-grade substance is a better description. Rogue countries want to talk to me.

Ester: I try to have patience and tolerance.

VMB: Identifying and appreciating what motivates others..

VSB: Water and coffee, lots of both.

8. Tell Us One Thing People Don’t Know About You.

Ana: That i want Barbara Streisand’s vocal chords.

Ester: How important my marriage vows are to me.

VMB: I don’t like celebrating my birthday

VSB: I speak Spanish fluently.



Our Spring line is full of stripes, florals and animal prints designed to stand alone with your basics or to mix and match as a bold statement. Here’s our three step guide to mixing prints:

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1.) Play with Scale Be mindful of scale— try an oversized stripe with an intricate floral or an animal print!

2.) Consider the Color If one of your pieces is a more daring color, pair it with a a neutral palate— black, white, navy or another shade from your base print.

3.) Proportion, proportion, proportion Is one of your pieces more full-coverage? Choose a complementary print that doesn’t compete in size, like a cami or a crop-top.

These are some our rules of thumb, but never be afraid to push the boundaries and wear what makes you happy! Fashion is all about expressing yourself!


Monday night marked the introduction of our Fall ’15 Collection, inspired by The Great Camps of the Adirondacks.
Refined, rustic elegance was reimagined inside an old Chelsea warehouse.Thank you to our amazing VB team
who makes it happen everyday. We hope you enjoy this collection as much as we loved designing it!

xx VMB and VSB